• 22Feb

    Storage containers provide buyers and renters with a variety of options in securing cargo for transport or temporary storage. For the first-timers, looking for just even a decent container may be complicated by the fact that most companies today offer tempting deals and seemingly innovative features to their storage containers.

    The greatest tip out there perhaps is simple: stick to the basics first.

    Furnishings such as additional locks, sophisticated ventilation systems and some high-tech security features are only as good as the basic features that your new storage container has. Here are some things that you need to look for when searching for storage containers:

    Surface rust

    Since most cargo containers up for grabs have been used in the past, surface rust will almost always be present. Surface rust is, of course not apparent for repainted containers. If you don’t have a choice but to go for a slightly rusty container, be sure to haggle and try to get it at a lower price as much as possible.

    storage containerOne thing to remember about surface rust is that it is particularly critical if it is found on the door area and the bottom part. The door area has hinges and made up of component, soldered parts. No matter how strong the steel body of the container is, this part will always be the weakest link in the steel structure of the container.

    Also, during inspection, be sure to look at the bottom part of the container by asking it to be turned so that you can see that part clearly. Presence of rust in this area should make you think twice about getting that container since the bottom part is important in providing support for the cargo (especially during transit and loading via cranes.)

    A sign of deep rust in the steel structure of a container is the presence of pin-sized holes. These holes are very difficult to spot with the naked eye. A nice trick is to go inside the container in broad daylight and close it. (Make sure someone is outside just in case you get locked inside.) Supposed to be, the interior will be pitch black (which indicates an intact steel structure). Perforations will manifest as small holes where light can pass through.


    Old containers don’t just suffer from rust, they also suffer from corrosion. The first sign that corrosion has already started is a container door that is misaligned. Swing doors repeatedly and be keen for any signs of misalignment. The door gaskets (the rubber linings along the door edges) must also be inspected. It should not be rotten nor missing. Gaskets provide a watertight seal around a door and obviously, broken and missing gaskets compromise the water-proofing ability of storage containers.


    Refrain from buying storage containers without any intact CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate. This plate contains information regarding when the container was manufactured. Even the history of maintenance can also be seen in this plate. By taking time to read this plate, you will be able to discern the age of the container as well as the maintenance history by the time you are renting it or buying it.

    Of course, in terms of pricing, the age of the container is not really a critical factor when compared to the actual physical state of the container but this gives you a rough idea on its supposed state. If you will use your container for human habitation, CDC plates will also give you information regarding the pesticides and other chemicals used to treat the wooden floorings.

    This will give you an idea about the treatments needed to neutralize and seal-off these toxic chemicals (different pesticides and chemicals need specific chemical treatments).

    Storage container and Moveable Cubicle accompany high security lock boxes for extra wellbeing of your products, stock, furniture, gear and nearly all that you might need to store.

  • 27Jan

    A malfunctioning gadget often has problems with its wiring connections that are mainly found on the printed circuit board. Immediately, a user takes it to the technician, only to find out that it was covered with dust particles and just needs cleaning. This is why it is important to know the basics of how to clean a PCB.

    A printed circuit board is a delicate object to handle. At a first glance, one might imagine the complexity of the wires interconnected and may rethink of cleaning it. However, a little knowledge, patience and skills are what you basically need to safely clean a PCB.

    Many kinds of dirt and other particles can affect the functionality of the PCB. This means that a specific cleaning method is required for a specific scenario. To clean a printed circuit board, one must first identify what is the specific situation to be dealt with. It can either be a cover of dust, a corrosion of the metals inside, solder flux, etc., and there are various ways to clean them.

    For dust particles covering the PCB, it is recommended to use a simple brush, depending on the board size. It can be an old toothbrush, a small paint brush, or even a vacuum brush. An automatic electronic vacuum designed for PCB can also be used. This is done by regulating the amount of air which is just enough to blow off the dust to avoid breaking the board.

    PCB AssemblyThe next that you should deal with is dirt mixed with sticky elements such as wax or oil. This scenario requires thorough cleaning because dust and other particles are easily attracted to oil or wax’s tackiness. To do so, examine the board first. Make sure to take note of the parts that should not be removed or should not come in contact with water. Reading a PCB manual is also helpful.

    Second, undo any components that are plugged into the board. It can be unsoldered to be safe. For the cleaning of the board itself, obtain a solution of a non-phosphate cleaner which can be bought at supermarkets and put it on the board and leave for about 15 minutes. Slightly brush it and rinse with water thoroughly.

    Let the board dry by carefully wiping water off or using an air compressing machine to let the water evaporate. Subject the board into heat to ensure that it gets dry. It is advisable to use an oven. Preheat the oven into about 75 degrees Celsius, then turn it off and put the board inside it overnight. When completed, inspect for any damage.

    Corrosion is among the most serious problems one may encounter if the PCB is not cleaned properly and immediately. When a metal undergoes corrosion, a chemical reaction destroys it. The printed circuit board, which is made of copper, is not an exception. To deal with corrosion problems, identify first what is the initial cause. If a leaked battery is the source, use a mixture of water and baking soda. This will create a paste-like solution.

    Softly rub a brush and leave it for 30 minutes. This will help stop the penetration of the acid from the battery; then clean start cleaning it. The cleaning method ideal for filthy and tacky particles can be directly applied if the reason for corrosion is water.

    PCBsSolder flux is also a common problem. This is observed when a yellowish or brownish lump is seen. This flux is characterized as acidic, and thus can affect internal pins, traces, and other related circuits. This can be easily done by using professional and commercial cleaning brands. For a beginner, and those who want to maintain their boards often, an isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush can be used. Let it dry by wiping it with a clean towel.

    Taking care of printed circuit boards is very important and everyone who owns a gadget must have a little bit of knowledge about the basics of cleaning it.

  • 09Oct

    LanyardsLanyards have different uses. They are used in the academe, in corporations, and events. But, not all ID laces are the same.
    Here are some of the most common types of lanyards:

    1. Woven Lanyard

    A woven lanyard is made of high quality material. The logo and text is gently embroidered into the lanyard. If you want something that is soft, clean, and professional looking, you should go for the woven lanyard. This lanyard is best for corporations, academes, and seminars. This is also best for non-intricate text and designs.

    2. Imprinted Nylon Lanyard

    An imprinted nylon lanyard is made of high-quality material. It is smooth, shiny, and it is professional-looking. Most imprinted nylon ID strings are used during corporate events, seminars, and trade fairs. This type of lanyard is a bit more expensive than other types but it is worth it.

    3. Imprinted Tubular Lanyard

    An imprinted tubular lanyard is the least expensive of all types. So, if you are on a budget, you should go for this one. Manufacturers use polyester twills in producing these lanyards, but they tube-stitch the polyester material to create a unique feel and superior comfort.

    This type of lanyard is usually used in universities. It is also used in different sporting events. You can also customize this type of lanyard and print your school or company name and logo on it.

    4. Blank Lanyard

    Well, not all ID strings are customized. There are many suppliers that sell blank ones. The blank lanyard is for users who are not concerned with customization and more focused on functionality.

    Blank ID strings are available in different styles and colors.

    5. Imprinted Polyester Lanyard

    Imprinted polyester ID strings are generally affordable and are the most common type of lanyard. This type is usually used in universities, companies, and sporting events. This type is highly customizable, too.

    6. Dye Sublimated Lanyard

    If you have a complicated design and you want to have a multicoloured ID string, this is the best choice for you. This type of lanyard is also durable and the design does not easily get scraped.

    Dye sublimated lanyard is usually used as a marketing tool. It is also used in sporting events and corporate events. But, most lanyard suppliers only produce this type of ID string in bulk. So you should order at least 250 pieces. This type is also a bit expensive, too.

    7. Bamboo Fibre Lanyard

    Bamboo Fibre Lanyard is a biodegradable lanyard. You should choose this if you want something that is environment-friendly. Most environmentalists would prefer this type of lanyard.

    8. PET Lanyard

    PET lanyard is made of recycled bottles! So, this is also a good choice for the environmentally conscious.

    9. Beaded Lanyard

    This type of lanyard is made to hold IDs. This is also known as the fashion lanyard. The beaded lanyard, as the name suggests, is intricately decorated with colourful metallic and crystal beads. This type of ID string is usually used by women and a lot of students, nurses, teachers, and corporate employees wear this type of lanyard.

    10. Break-away Lanyard

    This type is made of adjustable cord. It is quite elastic and it is quite secure. A lot of corporations use this type of lanyard to secure the identification cards of their employees. Some government agencies use this type of lanyard, too.

    There are also different stitches used in making a lanyard. The most common of all is the butterfly stick. Other manufacturers use the following types of stitches in creating the lanyards: box stitch, cobra stitch, triangle stitch, and circle stitch.

    There are many types of lanyard available today so it is best to choose the one that fits your taste, style, and needs.

    Custom lanyards and ID lanyards by Wholesalelanyards.com.Offering over 5 styles of customized lanyards  for every event need.

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    Employees of a certain company and members of an organization or clubs   would gladly receive something from their group, such as custom challenge coins, as a sign of their affiliation with the group. Businessmen who know how to play the game in the business world recognize the crucial role of custom coins in making their business flourish. They know where to distribute their corporate coins to gain an advantage over their competitors. They make it a point to choose a coin maker that is committed to giving quality coins on time.

    custom challenge coinsWhen it comes to minting custom coins, it is advisable to only do business with a trustworthy and reliable coin manufacturer. How? You need to conduct a bit of research to know which coin maker to hire. Compare the prices, works, reputation, offer, and client reviews. If a trusted friend recommended a coin manufacturer, then check it out for yourself.

    It is prudent to include the recommended manufacturer in your list, but don’t make it your only option. It is still good to have a few manufacturers in your list to check. It is also important to determine if you could establish good business relation to the custom challenge coins manufacturer. It is easier to do business with someone who understands your needs and goals.

    Committed to Quality

    The coin manufacturer, which is committed to quality, should have a roster of good reviews from its past clients. It is more practical to trust the coin manufacturer that has years of existence in the business. It is safe to conclude that the company with such years to boast is committed to giving quality products and services to their clients.

    Committed to On-time Delivery

    Coin manufacturers that are committed to giving on-time delivery understand how important it is to their clients to take hold of their coin on a specific time. The reviews from past clients should be able to give you clear evidence regarding the commitment that the manufacturer gives in delivering the goods on time. You need to avoid a coin manufacturer that is almost always late in delivering the goods. If the manufacturer can’t commit to deliver on time, then it is possible that the finished coin might not be of high quality.

    Committed to the Client

    The coin manufacturer that is committed to their client will do everything in their power to meet the satisfaction of the client and keep it that way. The manufacturers that value their clients always make sure to give the same quality service and finished custom challenge coins every time their client hires them. Their customer support staff is always friendly and polite whenever the client needs clarification on something.

    Other Things to Look for in a Coin Maker

    If you can’t decide for the design of your custom coin, you can ask your provider to create the design for your coin. You can give some suggestions regarding the design that you have in mind. You can add your logo in your coin design, motto, contact details, products, services, and other important things that you want the recipients to know about your company or organization.

    You also need to establish good rapport with your chosen provider. A manufacturer that you find comfortable to work with is worth keeping.

    The custom challenge coins can do a lot for your business or organization. It is prudent to choose a coin maker that can help you achieve your purpose for minting the coins. There are a lot of manufacturers, and not all of them can be trusted or not committed enough to give you the quality coins and service that you need. Once you’ve found the coin maker that you seek, keep their contact information because you might need their services again.

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    Real estate firms are the only ones who fully understand how the real estate business works. They are fully knowledgeable about the terms, the processes, and the agreements that can be made and established between parties in a transaction. They are also knowledgeable with the financial and legal aspects of doing business with them, and they are also informed about the different implications that may arise whenever a client protests or complains about how his transaction was handled. Because of their vast knowledge in the industry, LI realtor has duties to their clients and customers that they must pursue.

    The duties of real estate firms to clients and customers are the following:
    1. Promote and protect the best interests of the client.

    Real estate firms must promote and protect the best interests of their clients, which includes both buyers and sellers. They must transact business with their clients, taking into consideration what they desire. Real estate firms must not primarily take into account their own interests; they must consider it only secondary to that of their clients. This is essential because in sales, what makes clients buy is not the pricing of the property, but how they’re treated. Even if the property is priced at the lowest possible, if the dealing firm does not purse the best interest of the client, the latter would not buy it.

    real estatePromoting the best interests of the client, however, does not mean that only the client’s desire will be followed. Real estate firms still have the obligation to observe honesty and trust among all the parties in the transaction. For instance, the real estate firm must observe the same not only to the client, but also to the owner and the people who will occupy the said property.

    2. Represent the client in all transactions.

    When acting as agents in a real estate transaction, real estate firms must always represent their clients in all transactions. These transactions involve dealing with tax duties and legal complaints raised by other people such as questioning the propriety of the sale or determining the ownership of the property. Real estate firms must observe this duty in all transactions involving real estate property. This means that any and all activities related to real estate property must be represented by the real estate firm.

    3. Avoid misleading the client.

    One of the most critical activities of some real estate firms is to impliedly mislead the potential buyer to the real market value of the property sought to be bought. This is an unethical practice because it makes the real estate firm liable for fraud and it also destroys the trust imposed by the clients to the firm. As such, real estate firms have the duty to avoid misleading their client with respect to the market value of the property.

    The reason why many real estate firms do this is to successfully close a deal between them and the client. If the client sees that the property is expensive, some real estate firms would end up hiding some charges to make it appear that the property’s market value is cheap. Only then when payment time comes, the client would realize that there are hidden charges which must be paid. This practice does not only defraud clients; it also destroys the reputation of the real estate firm because such client would tell his colleagues not to deal with them.

    As such, real estate firms are encouraged not to mislead clients. Instead, they are encouraged to simply pursue the best interest of the client, because if this is successfully done, pricing will become a secondary concern.

    4. Submit offers and counter-offers promptly.

    Another duty of the real estate firm to its clients is to submit offers and counter-offers promptly.

    An offer is a transaction proposal from the real estate firm to the client. It contains the terms and conditions that the real estate firm seeks from the client, and it also contains the price at which the real estate firm wants the property to be bought. If the client agrees, the transaction is sealed. However, if the client disagrees, the real estate firm has the duty to submit a counter-offer promptly. The counter-offer contains any and all revisions that the client wants in the agreement. It also contains the price at which the client is willing to buy the property. As long as there is disagreement between them, offers and counter-offers must be promptly submitted to enable both parties to settle their differences and eventually, to seal a final deal.

    We ensure our clients that our member organizations follow these duties and responsibilities. We have incorporated these duties into our code of ethics which our members are required to follow. Because the best interest of the client is our utmost concern, we make sure that these duties and responsibilities are strictly followed and enforced. We ensure our clients that our real estate members are true to their purpose and are only concerned on how to bring satisfaction to their clients. In other words, we make sure that honesty and professionalism govern every transaction.

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    The number of manufacturers and distributors assure buyers the best golf clubs that match their needs and skills. The availability of golf sets make purchasing for beginners much easier. They’ll have all their needed clubs in one purchase.

    Obtaining a set saves buyers from thinking about the right club for specific shots. This set has everything they need. The following are the types of clubs included in a set:


    Driver is usually the first club used in a golf game. Possessing the lowest loft among the set, drivers allow players to propel golf balls at farther distances, which is usually needed at the first part of the game. The starting point to the hole is quite far depending on the course chosen for the game. Nevertheless, the goal of this sport is to use as few shots as possible. Having a driver ready in the bag will help players start their game properly.

    Usually, sets have around one or two drivers as included golf clubs in the set. Shorter courses will only require a single driver given that the shot is strong the first time.

    Fairway wood

    Golf clubsFairway woods are still required for long-distanced shots on the fairway turf. Fairway is the part of the course with uneven ground surfaces, which makes driving the ball out a challenge. People think that drivers will do the job since long-distanced shot is still required. Nevertheless, drivers’ low loft makes it difficult to propel the ball over the low hindrances on turfs.

    Fairway woods have higher loft, which give way to shots with higher angles that will take the player out of the fairway easily. Clubs of this type may come in various type depending on the solution offered by the dealer or manufacturer.

    Sand wedge

    As the name implies, a sand wedge is the club specifically used for drawing golf balls out of sandy patches on golf courses. Getting the ball out of this considered unlucky spot is a challenge considering its composition. The ball may only set deeper into the sand and the player drifting off his game.

    Sand wedge golf clubs are specially designed with wider soles that can scoop out the ball from the sound because of its better bounce than using other clubs. Dealers know that driving golf balls into sand patches are common problems among beginners, which prompt them to offer these clubs with the set.

    Pitching wedge

    This wedge is designed to produce higher shot with shorter trajectory compared to other irons. Usually, a set may have several matched irons together with the pitching wedge. This gives way to better ball control according to the player’s specific requirement.

    Gap or lob wedge

    Several dealers may not offer these wedge because they are often purchased as additional clubs for advanced and professional players. However, some distributors include a gap or lob wedge to start introducing its features to novice players.

    A gap wedge produces higher shot with shorter trajectory compared to pitching wedge. A lob wedge, also known as L-wedge comes up with high arc shots that are ideal for higher turf obstructions. With these golf clubs, players can start testing their features on specific scenarios and use them in the future with ease.


    A putter is the last type of clubs used for golf since it’s for hitting golf balls into the hole. Instead of causing angled shots, it will only cause the ball to roll towards the hole. Some putters are also designed to produce angled shots, but with sufficient control to promote better roll.

    By obtaining a golf set, you will get these key golf clubs you’ll need in playing your first game. Remember that every dealer has its offer and you simply need to find the number of clubs and types they offer to meet your needs.

    Author Bio:
    Everything from ladies golf drivers to ladies golf irons to ladies golf putters, they’re all right here! And from the biggest name brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, Nike, Adams and more, you’re sure to find the ladies golf clubs you need!
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    When a person dies, his loved ones have two choices: to have the body buried or cremated. The popularity of cremation is rapidly increasing, but there are people who still choose to have a traditional burial for their deceased loved ones.

    Which will you prefer for your loved one? What factors must you check to see which will be the better choice?

    Personal Choice or Tradition

    One of the main factors is the family’s personal preference. Families usually have a tradition to adhere to when a family member dies.

    Some choose to bury their loved ones together with the other family members who have passed on as well. Some choose to cremate their loved ones and keep the urn inside their homes. Some families choose to bury their dead; this gives them a grave to visit on special days.

    Other families don’t accept having their loved ones cremated just yet as they find it upsetting. In the end, it just boils down to whatever the family prefers to have.

    Religion and other Cultural Beliefs

    Religion and culture also play a part in deciding whether a person is to be buried or cremated.

    Most religions have accepted cremating bodies except for religions Eastern Orthodox Church, Orthodox Judaism and Islam.

    Hinduism has practiced cremation for long periods of time because it believes that not only you dispose the body but also help the soul during its travel to the next world. On the other hand, when a person is being buried, it symbolizes Christ’s burial and resurrection.

    Price of Burial vs. Price of Cremation

    Another main factor is price. Burials usually are more expensive: they require casket, flowers, tombstones, burial fees, cemetery plot, ceremonies, embalming services… other costs may still come up.

    CremationCremations, on the other hand, are cheaper and can even cost a third of what you might have spent on a burial. Cremation costs usually involve the cremating process, ceremony and burial; you no longer have to spend for embalming, viewing, casket and (may also include) the vault.

    The Process Involved

    A burial involves preserving the body to avoid early decay, also known as embalming. The body is laid on a casket, and a funeral is held so everyone can pay their last respects to the deceased.

    After a few days, a burial is scheduled; it has to be planned in advance so the plot at the cemetery can be prepared by digging the space and placing the vault.

    A cremation does not require embalming if it’s direct or if done in a timely manner. You’ll only need a casket if a funeral or viewing will take place.

    The process will be held up to 48 hours after death – the body is examined and ensured to be ready for cremating. The entire process takes a couple of hours, and afterwards, the remains are stored inside an urn or other small containers.

    What Happens After the Burial

    You can also consider what you choose to happen with the remains. If the body is buried, you have a grave to go to, and other loved ones can also choose to visit at their own convenience.

    If the body is cremated, the remains can be stored in an urn and kept in a place that you prefer. You can choose to keep the urn at home, buried inside a plot (although not as big if it were a burial), scattered on land, strewn at sea, or thrown over the air while riding a plane. You can even carry the urn with you if that’s what you prefer – and that’s not possible with a burial.

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    Anyone can write about 500 to 700-word articles a day. Whether it’s a personal hobby, school requirement or a part-time job, article writing has a lot of benefits to offer especially when published online

    Here are some of them:

    •Writing articles is totally free. With a working brain, just sit in front of the computer or write down thoughts on a blank paper and everything is all set. Submitting articles on articles will not cost the writer anything as well.

    •A person doesn’t have to finish a degree in English at Oxford University to do article writing and publish his works online. The only requirement is his willingness to put all his thoughts/knowledge in writing short and simple sentences.

    •He can reach thousands of target audiences once his article is published online.

    Article writing will make a writer an expert in his field. By providing high-quality articles filled with helpful information, there’s always a reason for readers to wait for something new and they do not know for now. This is a sure way to attain expert status.

    •Articles will become desirable resources to several blogs, websites and publishers on eZine.

    Article writing•Submitting articles online is the fastest way to receive more one-way PR links. This is evident especially when new blogs, forums and article directories are created each month.

    •Spam filters will never block the published articles unlike email safe lists and classified ads. Articles are read all over again as they are filed away permanently.

    •Search engines on the internet loves fresh contents and will most likely zeal on newly published articles.

    •Some of the writer’s published articles can become in-demand in the coming years because blog owners, new websites, information product marketers and newsletters always need it.

    •What’s good about article writing is that, published articles have life-long ability to generate residual traffic forever.

    •Submitting articles could to result viral marketing. It is because the articles are being republished and referred online all over again.

    •Almost all article repositories sell articles online as RSS feeds. This provides additional exposure and traffic.

    •A person can submit his written works to websites and eZine publishers to get free publishing. He must not forget to include a resource box on the article’s end portion. That gives a free advertisement to attract targeted audience.

    •Upon writing enough articles, aggregating them to free e-books is recommended. A writer should also embed these e-books with his affiliate links and website links. Then, he must make it available for his website followers, subscribers and visitors. Also, allow them to give these away. That’s a one plain action of viral marketing that dish out continuous stream of visitors and customers.

    •A person should also consider creating his own article directory for his website. As result, more and more people will come to his website to obtain free information. Also, he must inform his website visitors to set up their own free article directories and link them to his website. Their additional links could also provide more traffic on his website.

    •Submit tested articles to online/print media and get paid. This will provide additional income from these tested articles.

    •Take advantage with the power of online communities such as social media networking sites, forums, email discussion groups and newsgroups. Placing articles in these platforms could bring hefty amounts of traffic.

    •Consider uploading articles into an auto-responder in order for people to gain access on them.

    •People can also convert these articles into videos with speech through Article Video Robot, an online article-to-video converting service. This service also submits converted articles to other video sites on autopilot mode which gives significant increase in the amount of traffic.

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    The first step in customizing a lanyard is choosing its type in terms of the material used. Below are the common custom lanyards that you may choose from.

    Polyester Lanyards

    Polyester lanyards are the most popular lanyards ready for customization. They are made of high-quality polyester twill. Generally, their length is 36 inches long. The width varies from half an inch to one inch.

    Polyester lanyards are designed to last for a long time. They have certain sheen that allows them to have an attractive and professional finished. They can be worn on school, offices, events, and etc. These lanyards are definitely versatile.

    With the mentioned features of Polyester lanyards, you might think that they cost high. Actually, they are more economical than other custom lanyards.

    Woven Lanyards

    Durable is the most appropriate term to describe Woven lanyards. The lanyards are best for workplaces; they last long without fading away with time. They are also ideal for ID badge holders. The surface and appearance of Woven lanyards help the users to appear more professional.

    Woven lanyards can come with O-ring or bulldog clip attachments. They can also be breakaway flat Woven lanyards or non-breakaway.

    To make high-quality and precise strings and ropes for Woven lanyards, different types and styles of weaving are used. These lanyards have a textured feel like no other. Texts and logos are elegantly stitched in their surfaces.

    Nylon Lanyards

    Custom lanyardsFor intricate details and designs that yearn to stand out, Nylon lanyards are the best choice. They are designed to have a glossy surface that is thicker than other common custom lanyards. They are also known for their smooth texture that allows any printed logo or text to appear like it popped off the lanyard.

    Nylon lanyards are best for events and advertisement campaigns. They can highlight the brand name and logo imprinted in the lanyards’ surface. These lanyards are also durable. However, they cost more than other types of lanyards.

    Additionally, the printing process used for Nylon lanyards which is silkscreen printing helps the designs shine even brighter and more attractive. The width of the Nylon lanyards ranges from ½ inch to ¾ inch and the length is 36 inches.

    Tubular Lanyards

    These lanyards are very affordable. Their materials are similar to shoelaces; they are tube-stitched polyester.

    When your text and design are silkscreen printed into Tubular lanyards, it is done one at a type. These lanyards are similar with other lanyards in terms of durability and customization. Being cost-friendly does not make Tubular lanyards less efficient.

    Another feature of these lanyards is its softness that can only be provided by its unique materials. They are very comfortable to wear around your neck.

    Breakaway and Non-breakaway Lanyards

    Plastic adjustable cords are used to make these types of custom lanyards. The cords were tied using a peculiar knot.

    Breakaway lanyards are elastic. They also have a safety feature; the lanyards break apart when a force was applied to them, preventing the users from getting hanged or choked.

    Non breakaway lanyards are generally non-elastic.

    Full Color Lanyards

    Thermal printing technology is applied to Full Color lanyards or dye sublimation lanyards to transfer the desired logo and text using their exact colors on the surface of the lanyards. This technology uses heat and pressure which prevent the imprinted texts and logos from wearing off.

    Full Color lanyards are made of a superior micro weaved material. The lanyards’ surface is smooth. The prints of these lanyards are edge-to-edge and they allow unlimited color possibilities.

    Full Color lanyards are known to have the best quality among other custom lanyards.

    Now that you know the difference between these lanyards, you can decide if you like Polyester, Woven, Nylon, Tubular, Breakaway, Non-breakaway, or Full Color lanyards most.

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  • 03Aug

    chatInstalling chat services applications on websites has become more popular in recent years. In fact, from the years 2010 to 2012 alone, there has been an increase of more than 20% in the number of sites that have added this software, and that number continues to grow. The main purpose behind this move is to improve customer support which in turn can result into more sales. With the tough competition between businesses, techniques that can bring in more customers are definitely being tried and, fortunately, chat services have proven their effectiveness in achieving this goal. Live chat services, however, are not going to bring in the desired results just by being placed in websites and assigning any one of your agents to answer your customers’ questions. Proper and efficient assistance is the key to turn your site visitors into loyal customers. To be able to provide that level of service, here are some tips that may help you.

    Quick Response

    When a customer clicks on the chat widget on your site, an agent must be able to attend to it within sixty seconds. If your agent is busy with another customer, you should at least program a message that will appear on your customer’s screen explaining and apologizing for the delay while assuring him that you will attend to him soon. If the customer is ignored, he might just leave your site and visit others, perhaps your competitors.

    Address Your Customer Properly

    Many sites will content themselves with calling their customers Ma’am or Sir. These may be polite and respectful, but customers want to feel valued and you can start that by knowing their first names or even their full names if they are willing to provide that. This will make them feel that you are interested about them and their concerns, and not just about getting them to buy from your site. Besides that, calling your customers by their first names will bring your conversation to a higher level of engagement. Remember to introduce yourself as well.

    Hone Your Listening Skills

    Avoid interrupting your customer while he writes his questions or concerns. Make sure that he has finished before you respond with the appropriate answers. By appropriate, this means that your answer must directly address his concern to show that you have listened and not just following a script. Show your interest by prodding your customer to talk more as this will also allow you to get more information about his problem and help you come up with the best solution for him.

    Avoid Arguments

    You will always find yourself faced with a difficult customer, and for untrained agents this can result in a disaster if the agent loses his cool. Keep this in mind, arguing with your customer is a very bad idea. Whether you win or lose your argument, you will still likely lose that customer. Therefore, be patient and keep a warm demeanor as you continue to resolve your customer’s concerns.

    Connect with Your Customers

    Avoid using highly technical terms when explaining your products to the customers. It may be acceptable if your customer is familiar with those terms, but some could be first time customers who have no idea what you are talking about. Such approach will leave your clients more confused than when they started the conversation with you. Hence, as much as possible, use laymen’s terms and ask your client if everything is clear with him before you continue.

    All these tips can be learned by your agents with proper training. This is why it is essential that you design a good training program and ensure that your agents have passed it with flying colors before you let them handle actual conversations. With these tips put into practice, you can expect your chat services to come up with results that meet your expectations.

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