What to Get from Golf Sets?

The number of manufacturers and distributors assure buyers the best golf clubs that match their needs and skills. The availability of golf sets make purchasing for beginners much easier. They’ll have all their needed clubs in one purchase.

Obtaining a set saves buyers from thinking about the right club for specific shots. This set has everything they need. The following are the types of clubs included in a set:


Driver is usually the first club used in a golf game. Possessing the lowest loft among the set, drivers allow players to propel golf balls at farther distances, which is usually needed at the first part of the game. The starting point to the hole is quite far depending on the course chosen for the game. Nevertheless, the goal of this sport is to use as few shots as possible. Having a driver ready in the bag will help players start their game properly.

Usually, sets have around one or two drivers as included golf clubs in the set. Shorter courses will only require a single driver given that the shot is strong the first time.

Fairway wood

Fairway woods are still required for long-distanced shots on the fairway turf. Fairway is the part of the course with uneven ground surfaces, which makes driving the ball out a challenge. People think that drivers will do the job since long-distanced shot is still required. Nevertheless, drivers’ low loft makes it difficult to propel the ball over the low hindrances on turfs.

Golf Sets

Fairway woods have higher loft, which give way to shots with higher angles that will take the player out of the fairway easily. Clubs of this type may come in various type depending on the solution offered by the dealer or manufacturer.

Sand wedge

As the name implies, a sand wedge is the club specifically used for drawing golf balls out of sandy patches on golf courses. Getting the ball out of this considered unlucky spot is a challenge considering its composition. The ball may only set deeper into the sand and the player drifting off his game.

Sand wedge golf clubs are specially designed with wider soles that can scoop out the ball from the sound because of its better bounce than using other clubs. Dealers know that driving golf balls into sand patches are common problems among beginners, which prompt them to offer these clubs with the set.

Pitching wedge

This wedge is designed to produce higher shot with shorter trajectory compared to other irons. Usually, a set may have several matched irons together with the pitching wedge. This gives way to better ball control according to the player’s specific requirement.

Gap or lob wedge

Several dealers may not offer these wedge because they are often purchased as additional clubs for advanced and professional players. However, some distributors include a gap or lob wedge to start introducing its features to novice players.

A gap wedge produces higher shot with shorter trajectory compared to pitching wedge. A lob wedge, also known as L-wedge comes up with high arc shots that are ideal for higher turf obstructions. With these golf clubs, players can start testing their features on specific scenarios and use them in the future with ease.


A putter is the last type of clubs used for golf since it’s for hitting golf balls into the hole. Instead of causing angled shots, it will only cause the ball to roll towards the hole. Some putters are also designed to produce angled shots, but with sufficient control to promote better roll.

By obtaining a golf set, you will get these key golf clubs you’ll need in playing your first game. Remember that every dealer has its offer and you simply need to find the number of clubs and types they offer to meet your needs.

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