How Article Writing can become a Faster Way to Increase Traffic

Anyone can write about 500 to 700-word articles a day. Whether it’s a personal hobby, school requirement or a part-time job, article writing has a lot of benefits to offer especially when published online

Here are some of them:

•Writing articles is totally free. With a working brain, just sit in front of the computer or write down thoughts on a blank paper and everything is all set. Submitting articles on articles will not cost the writer anything as well.

•A person doesn’t have to finish a degree in English at Oxford University to do article writing and publish his works online. The only requirement is his willingness to put all his thoughts/knowledge in writing short and simple sentences.

•He can reach thousands of target audiences once his article is published online.

Article writing will make a writer an expert in his field. By providing high-quality articles filled with helpful information, there’s always a reason for readers to wait for something new and they do not know for now. This is a sure way to attain expert status.

•Articles will become desirable resources to several blogs, websites and publishers on eZine.

Article writing•Submitting articles online is the fastest way to receive more one-way PR links. This is evident especially when new blogs, forums and article directories are created each month.

•Spam filters will never block the published articles unlike email safe lists and classified ads. Articles are read all over again as they are filed away permanently.

•Search engines on the internet loves fresh contents and will most likely zeal on newly published articles.

•Some of the writer’s published articles can become in-demand in the coming years because blog owners, new websites, information product marketers and newsletters always need it.

•What’s good about article writing is that, published articles have life-long ability to generate residual traffic forever.

•Submitting articles could to result viral marketing. It is because the articles are being republished and referred online all over again.

•Almost all article repositories sell articles online as RSS feeds. This provides additional exposure and traffic.

•A person can submit his written works to websites and eZine publishers to get free publishing. He must not forget to include a resource box on the article’s end portion. That gives a free advertisement to attract targeted audience.

•Upon writing enough articles, aggregating them to free e-books is recommended. A writer should also embed these e-books with his affiliate links and website links. Then, he must make it available for his website followers, subscribers and visitors. Also, allow them to give these away. That’s a one plain action of viral marketing that dish out continuous stream of visitors and customers.

•A person should also consider creating his own article directory for his website. As result, more and more people will come to his website to obtain free information. Also, he must inform his website visitors to set up their own free article directories and link them to his website. Their additional links could also provide more traffic on his website.

•Submit tested articles to online/print media and get paid. This will provide additional income from these tested articles.

•Take advantage with the power of online communities such as social media networking sites, forums, email discussion groups and newsgroups. Placing articles in these platforms could bring hefty amounts of traffic.

•Consider uploading articles into an auto-responder in order for people to gain access on them.

•People can also convert these articles into videos with speech through Article Video Robot, an online article-to-video converting service. This service also submits converted articles to other video sites on autopilot mode which gives significant increase in the amount of traffic.